Monday, 8 June 2015

How to Succeed in Customer Service, Or Anything!

The Promise of Simple
There are two groups of thought on the concept of Simple...
The first group maintains that nothing is simple, only a fool would believe complicated results can arise from viewing problems simply. In order to succeed at anything in life (Business, sales, customer service, weight loss, investing, etc) you must learn and implement complicated strategies. After all, if it were that simple... then everyone would be doing what it takes and be successful.
The second group believes that everything is simple, practicing the basics and being consistent will result in magical results. In order to succeed at anything in life you must concentrate on the simple steps and if you do this enough, you will inevitably succeed. The reason why most people don't succeed is because they believe it must be complicated so they discount and refuse to try things the simple way.
Of course there are other trains of thought (it's not that simple!) but they often involve one of the two base principles listed above as their foundation (so it is that simple?)
Here's my advice today; Study the successful people and determine which of them is most like you. If you are most like the successes who are complicated and detailed... then go ahead and complicate things and march toward to success. If you are more like the successful people who use the simple strategy, then I encourage you to attack your plan that way.
My belief is that whether they admit it or not, everyone is in the 'Simple' camp.
If you don't believe me just ask a physicist to explain his new theorem, or a have a guitar teacher show you how to play a song.
When you see something as simple (even though to most others it isn't simple at all) then you are likely becoming very good at it.
I know a person who finds writing songs to be very easy to do. Ask them how and they reply, "It's so simple..."
Are they a famous songwriter? Well no they aren't. Because being famous is different than being extremely talented. That requires a different skill set, which is too complicated for them to master at the moment.
Simple doesn't guarantee success. Neither does complicated.
So what am I trying to say in this article?
1. Break every complicated issue down into small, simple steps.
2. Get advice from others you respect to make certain your step by step plan is sound and will get you where you want to go.
3. Do each small simple step certain that completing each step has the best chance to move you to complicated success.
4. Enjoy the process, because it will take up more of your life and make more impact on you as an individual than actually reaching your goal.
5. Be persistent and make sure one of your steps is to never quit. Quitting is one of the simple things to do, and very complicated not to do. But never quit, though the rest will make you want to.
6. Enjoy the journey, and the rewards.
I taught my son how to write essays. He was horrible at it ( as we all are when we don't know a thing about it!). At first it was overwhelming, until we broke it down into the steps above. Two weeks later he was top of his class in writing essays.
I asked him the best way to eat a whole elephant. The answer was one bite at a time.
He succeeded, so can all of us!
For 24 years Terry has consciously honed his skills in the fields of relationship sales and customer service. This led him to Sales Team Management, and soon to a level of excellence in Sales Team Leadership, Motivation, and ultimately to achieve national success and recognition. It also led to a profound realization. He had achieved much, but he had also taught, trained, coached and motivated many others to reach their own level of excellence. In doing so, he helped companies to attain higher levels of sales and service, and a measurable increase in market share.
Terry's highly engaging and enthusiastic style permeates all of his business relationships. His positive energy is contagious, but it is his knowledge, understanding and successful utilization of the sales process that makes him a leader in the sales and customer service training arena.

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